Finding the Right North Shore GP: Trust the Doctors at Albany’s Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre


Whether you just moved to the Albany/North Shore area or are seeking a family doctor, Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre can help. While some people assume that we are a specialist skincare medical practice, due to our brand name, we are actually a general practitioner with a wide array of medical services. If you are seeking a Albany/North Shore GP for the whole family, you can trust our doctors at Northpoint. We are committed to providing versatile and affordable care options for patients of all ages.


Keeping Care Affordable


Especially if you are searching for a qualified GP to serve as your family doctor, affordability of care is likely near the top of your priorities list. The costs of healthcare can add up quickly for a family with multiple children. At Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre, we strive to provide affordable care because we know how important it is to the patients, families and overall communities we serve. The last thing we want is for a patient to skip care—either for themselves or for their kids—because they are worried about cost.


How do our Albany doctors provide affordable options for patients and their families? Here are a few of the ways we make sure we are being cognizant of our patients and their budgetary concerns:


  • No upfront fees: When we opened our brand new, purpose-built medical practice, we did so with a vow to welcome all patients, regardless of age, medical history or economic status. A big part of observing this commitment is ensuring that there are no upfront fees associated with our registration process. Beyond a little bit of paperwork, there’s no barrier for new patients at our North Shore medical practice.

  • No extra charges for after-hours service: We believe that our core operating hours will meet the needs of most patients. In addition to operating during regular business hours during the week, we also extend our hours into the evening and open for a half-day on Saturdays. However, if you do require after-hours care, know that we have a partnership with a nearby urgent care practice to meet those needs. You will never be charged extra for after-hours service. If you feel that you need to see a doctor during a holiday or late at night, you can do so without worrying about the financial implications.

  • Transparency in pricing: We are incredibly forthcoming about our pricing model at Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre. We typically bill based on the usual 15-minute consultations you will have with our North Shore doctors. You can see the pricing structure here. Extra charges may apply for longer appointments or specialised services or procedures. However, patients always know more or less what they will be paying when they walk into an appointment.


Make Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre Your North Shore GP

Are you looking for Albany doctors that you can trust to play the GP role for you and your family? If so, you can count on Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre for high quality, affordable care. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation.

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