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Count on Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre as Your After Hours Medical Centre Serving Albany, North Shore

Medical situations or emergencies rarely play by the rules dictated by our plans or schedules. Getting the care or treatment you need is a necessity on any day at any hour, whether the time is convenient or more.

Finding the Right North Shore GP: Trust the Doctors at Albany’s Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre

Whether you just moved to the Albany/North Shore area or are seeking a family doctor, Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre can help. While some people assume that we are a specialist skincare medical more.

Making the Most of Your Visit with Your Skin Cancer Doctor and Where to Find Specialists in Albany, North Shore

Do you have an upcoming appointment with a skin cancer doctor? Regular exams are essential because early detection makes a significant difference in the outcome of skin cancer. Even if you are just going in more.


Understanding Melanoma and Where to Find a Skin Cancer Clinic or Medical Centre in Albany

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which develops in the melanocytes, the skin’s pigment cells. Every year in New Zealand, 4,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma. Melanoma also accounts for almost more.


A Skin Check Can Save Your Life: Plan a Skin Cancer Assessment and Treatment Today

Skin cancer is often a silent threat. It can occur in otherwise healthy individuals and spread quickly to other parts of the body. The good news is that skin cancer, unlike most other types of the disease, offers more.

If Your Doctor Is Not Available, Visit an After Hours General Practitioner (GP) at Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre


From pregnancy matters to issues with chronic pain to children’s health, most non-emergency medical problems are things you can handle with your primary care doctor. However, sometimes, your health more.

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips and Where to Find a Walk In Medical Clinic in Albany, North Shore

By now, you are aware that you should be wearing sunscreen to protect your skin and minimise your risk of developing skin cancer. However, millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. That more.

Understanding a Mole Map and Where to Find a Mole Doctor or Clinic on the North Shore

Mole mapping is one of the most advanced ways of detecting skin cancer early on when it is most treatable. Because skin cancers can spread rapidly with devastating consequences, a mole doctor on the more.

Do You Need a Mole Check? Book an Appointment with A Mole Clinic in Albany, North Shore Today for Early Detection

It may seem like scheduling a mole check on the North Shore is inconvenient or even a waste of time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Regular mole detection in Albany is an extremely important more.

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