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Skin Checks

Skin checks by a qualified doctor is the most efficient way of detecting skin cancer. People often come to get a single mole checked,but a full skin check can reveal other skin cancers they weren’t aware of.

A full skin check means undressing down to your underwear (ladies keep bras on) and having all of your skin checked except private areas,unless you request this.


Appointments are 15-30 minutes long depending on how many lesions need to be examined.


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The cornerstone of skin examination is the Dermatoscope.


The Dermatoscope is a highly specialized magnifying glass with polarized light, and knowing how to use one greatly improves the doctor’s ability to accurately detect skin cancer.



During your skin check you will almost certainly have photos taken of your skin and stored on our computer for future comparison.


For most people only a few photos are necessary. But for some people, particularly those who have over 100 moles on their skin, more extensive imaging is needed.


People with lots of moles have a higher risk of melanoma. This risk is over-and-above their skin color and the amount of sun damage they have.


When a pre-skin cancer or a thin skin cancer is found, there can be several treatment options that don’t involve operating.


One of the most common ways to treat these lesions is by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. This is quick, easy, cheap way of dealing with many non-dangerous skin lesions.



Mostly, skin cancers do require surgical excision. At Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre, we use a special preparation which greatly reduces the sting of injecting local anaesthetic, thereby making the procedure much more comfortable.

While the vast majority of skin cancers fortunately can be removed with a simple excisions, some require more elaborate techniques. Dr Balwin Jassal is highly experienced at operating on difficult areas of the body such as lower legs, digits, noses and ears, and regularly performs complex procedures such as flaps and grafts.

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