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Enrolment Details

We have a simplified the enrolment process to make it hassle free for you. 

New patients to the practice are encouraged to complete a preliminary assessment at the reception. This can be scheduled immediately prior to you seeing your doctor. Please speak to our reception or call 09 3204759 should you wish to utilize this service. 



Click on Enrolment Form Icon to download the forms to print and complete at your leisure. Please bring the forms and your passport with you on your first visit with us allowing extra time for questions. 

Northpoint ​Medical & Skin Centre Questionnaire/Family Medical History

 Click on Medical Questionnaire Icon to download the forms to print and complete at your leisure.  

Enrolment Process & PHO 

We are a member of the Alliance Health + Primary Health Organisation (PHO) which means that we receive any government funding available for you on an annual basis (rather than a 'per visit' basis.)


It is FREE to enroll with a GP. You care will be subsidized and you pay a reduced consultation fee. (Subsidized funding and enrollment may take a few months to be approved.) 

You are eligible to enroll for the subsidized funding if you are a New Zealand Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold a work visa for at least 2 years continuously. 


For patients who are enrolled with us, we ask that you try to obtain your health care from us. The system encourages this partnership (and provides cheaper consultation and prescription fees for you here.) 

Click on Alliance Health +  Icon to download more information from the Ministry of Health.

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