Skin Cancer Prevention Tips and Where to Find a Walk In Medical Clinic in Albany, North Shore


By now, you are aware that you should be wearing sunscreen to protect your skin and minimise your risk of developing skin cancer. However, millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. That means that many people may need to brush up on the basics of skin cancer prevention. You can keep your risk low and your skin healthy with the following tips from Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre, a Albany/North Shore walk in clinic.


Use Sunscreen Correctly


Many people apply sunscreen before going outdoors but neglect to reapply it after sweating or swimming. Choose an SPF of 30 or higher and look for the words “water resistant” and “broad spectrum” on the container. Also, wear sunscreen when you are driving; the glass in your vehicle’s windows blocks only UVB light and leaves you vulnerable to UVA light, which is associated with skin cancer. Keep in mind that the sunscreen in your makeup may not be reliable, so it’s best to use a separate sunscreen, applied before your makeup for the best protection.


Wear Protective Clothing


The best defence against skin cancer is to avoid direct sun exposure. Try to avoid standing or sitting in full sun, opting for shady spots whenever possible. If this isn’t an option, protect your skin with clothing. Choose long sleeves, long pants, and a wide-brimmed hat whenever you can. If you are concerned about the heat, go for lightweight fabrics and light colours, which will reflect heat and keep you comfortable.


Keep an Eye on Your Skin


Pay attention to your skin and any changes. New moles, spots, or lesions warrant extra monitoring, as do changes in the size, colour, or shape of existing blemishes. Perform monthly self-exams, checking all areas of your skin for changes using a bright light and a mirror for assistance. The person most likely to discover skin cancer on your body is you, so set a reminder and follow through with your self-exam regularly. If you do find anything concerning, visit an Albany walk in clinic to consult with a doctor.


Visit an Albany Medical Clinic Regularly for Skin Checks


Your self-exams are important, but so are your visits with a trained skin cancer doctor. Make an appointment as soon as possible for a skin check at a North Shore medical clinic. Once your doctor takes your medical history and performs a skin check, they’ll be able to make a recommendation about how often you should return for screenings. You may need to visit a physician more frequently or less, depending on your individual risk factors.

If you’re looking for the right Medical centre in Albany, call Northpoint Medical & Skin Centre. We are a brand-new, purpose-built medical facility offering family healthcare at affordable rates. We also offer after-hours appointments at no additional charge. Our providers are skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing effective and compassionate care for every patient. Contact us today to book your appointment and protect your skin for life.

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